About BiKube™

BiKube™ is a new and innovative type of walker or assistive mobility device that lets the user hands-free to perform tasks at home.

With a standard walker, carrying a cup of coffee or a plate from the microwave to the table could be very challenging. Unlike walkers, rollators or other devices, the BiKube™ provides people with reduced mobility the support they need while allowing them to stay active and avoid the usual bent over position and triggered by traditional devices.

The BiKube™ provides support in an upright position with both hands available to perform any tasks indoors.

  • Hands Free

    Unlike walker, feel free to carry things around, make yourself a cup of coffee and bring it with you.

  • Maintain Eye Contact

    Stand straight and maintain eye contact. No more crouching forward !

  • Support & Good Posture

    Relieve your legs and decrease muscle and joints pain in the hips, knees or ankles.

“I am able to cook, carry my coffee, move around in the kitchen and in the house. This, I wasn’t able to do with any other device, crutches, walker, scooter or else. This is fantastic.”     Marie Khouri (Recovering from foot surgery)

Amanda Richmond is a 10 years experienced Occupational Therapist in Vancouver, Canada. She immediately found the BiKube™ extremely helpful for people with reduced mobility whether in rehabilitation from accident or surgery or people in need of more support. The BiKube™ would allow them to stay active and independent. Even for the most simple thing of walking from the kitchen to the bedroom with a cup of tea in your hand. Listen to what she has to say.

John fell from a ladder and was waiting for a knee surgery. When he tried the BiKube™, he felt like a kid getting his first bike for Christmas. He could not stop twirling around and enjoy his recovered freedom. Fantastic !

“This is really cool. I love it. I like the controls, I like the height. The balance is perfect. It is a great invention” John Terezakis (Need to use a cane when walking)
young woman sitting on BiKube

    Unlike Walker, scooter or other device, you can now stay active. Sit- standing and move around with your hands free from holding the device for support or steering

    Once seated, adjust the height of the seat according to YOUR ACTIVITY. The seat height adjustment helps you TRANSFER to other low or high seats.

    Move in small spaces (toilets , hallway, bathroom, etc.). SWING around in small areas or walk easily through narrow doors (2 feet)

    Experience AUTONOMY AND FREEDOM of movement thanks to its four rotating wheels and wide base.