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Kelowna resident Cheryl Austrom is the first person in the Okanagan to receive a hands-free BiKube walker.

After discovering what she thought was a pinched nerve in her back was actually primary progressive multiple sclerosis, Austrom tried specialty mats, walkers and poles – but it was still difficult for her to perform familiar tasks, such as cooking. 

"I make cheese, I have my own sourdough starter, I'm huge into cooking, and all of a sudden I couldn't do that anymore ... it was so frustrating."

With a saddle seat similar to a bicycle's and the ability to sit while standing, the Bikube is unlike any other walker, she says.     Read more

Real words from real people

Denis Blais (ALS)

"I had the chance to try the Bikube for a couple days at home and I really enjoyed it. I have ALS and I normally use a walker inside my apartment, but I’m at the stage where I can’t support my weight for too long on my feet. The BiKube allows me to walk and sit at the same, which is much easier for me. I’m very impressed by the design of the BiKube; it’s very well built, compact, and the 4 caster wheels make it very stable. I like that the BiKube allows me to be completely hands-free when needed. Per example, in the kitchen, I can be right by the counter or the oven to prepare my meals, get things from the fridge, and move around easily in a small space. I do recommend the BiKube. It’s wonderful mobility equipment that gives you back your independence at home."

John Terezakis (Need to use a cane when walking)

"This is really cool. I love it. I like the controls, I like the height. The balance is perfect. It is a great invention"

Marie Khouri (recovering from foot surgery)

“I am able to cook, carry my coffee, move around in the kitchen and in the house. This, I wasn’t able to do with any other device, crutches, walker, scooter or else. This is fantastic.”

Marie had a foot surgery with 1 plate and 12 pins. She discovered the BiKube. A video is worth a thousand words.

Lester is having too much fun making donuts!

Monica testimonial.

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